2024 Spring/Summer collection "A view of time"

Foo Tokyo 2024SSコレクション

- 時を眺める -





そのような時間こそが、Foo Tokyoが考える「豊かな時間」です。



- A view of time -

Over the years, the trees slowly carve their history into their ring, and the sand and ash that accumulates on the ground creates layers upon layers of earth.
The beauty of nature's formations, created over time, quietly and solemnly fascinate the viewer.

Human activities may seem trivial in the context of nature's workings woven together over such a long and mind-boggling period of time.
However, we, too, are living in the "now," one day at a time, carving history and living beyond it.

In the midst of our busy lives, we forget the existence of time.
We may recall that when we spend time relaxing away from the hustle and bustle.

Please release the feeling of impatience and just look at the "time" unfold before your eyes. As I do so, you realize that you are living in the midst of the vast overlap of time and the beautiful workings of nature.

Such time is what Foo Tokyo considers to be "rich time.

In this work, we were inspired by the beautiful annual rings and geological strata that seem to visualize time, and incorporated them into the design.

We hope that you, the one and only person who lives in the present moment, will notice the beauty of your "true self" when you wear our relaxing wear, and that you will be filled with a sense of the value of the nature that spreads before your eyes and the things made with care and effort.

Foo Tokyo 2024SSコレクション
Foo Tokyo 2024SSコレクション
Foo Tokyo 2024SSコレクション
Foo Tokyo 2024SSコレクション