Foo Tokyo Spring/Summer Collection 2023 『daydream - 白昼夢 -』

『daydream - 白昼夢 -』







daydream - 白昼夢 -。



2023年の春夏コレクション、テーマは『daydream - 白昼夢 -』。


今期は、 夜のリラックスタイムからは少し離れて、日が昇っている時間に着目。活動的な休日の昼間のためのワンマイルウェアや、インナーアイテムも新登場。




Season theme: "daydream"

Time slowly flows by, distancing itself from the hectic pace of everyday life.

The sun is directly overhead, and yet I find myself lost in my daydreams.

It is a luxurious moment that does not exist in the daytime, when you realize it is over.

My skin shining through the sunlight, shadows falling softly.

When I am able to notice the beauty in the everyday, my heart is filled with contentment.

The mind, freed from tension, travels between dream and reality under the soft sunlight.

A daydream.

It is my own luxurious world that no one can disturb.

We have expressed the "beauty in everyday life" that you may notice when you take a break and suddenly realize it through fabrics and silhouettes, and incorporated it into our clothes.

This season, we have taken a break from the relaxing evening hours and focused on the time when the sun is rising. One-mile wear and innerwear items for the active daytime holiday season are also newly introduced.

Lightweight materials with a sheer feel and vivid colors make the skin look brighter and make you feel refreshed.

We propose clothing that accompanies the natural feeling of wanting to be beautiful in every moment of your daily life.