To clean towels at home

In order not to impair the fluffy texture of the FOO towel, it is important to care for the towel. Here are some tips for washing at home to make the comfortable touch last longer.


① Do not use softener

Softener is thought to make "fluffy", but in fact it contains oil, so it is easy to damage the original water absorption of the towel, causing a "fluffy" that loses fine cotton fiber. increase. Please keep in mind the original softness of the material.


② Do not use fluorescent or chlorine detergent

We recommend that you wash with a neutral detergent that is kind to the environment and nature. Fluorescent white agent and chlorine -based detergent hide dirt by bleaching the material instead of removing dirt. Towel cotton yarn is a natural fiber, so using these can damage the material and make it easier to fluff.


③ Wash with 100 % cotton

It is recommended that the FOO towel is also washed with "100 % cotton product". When washed with a product containing polyester or synthetic fiber, those dust may adhere to cotton and cause a pill called "crimp".


④ Recommended washing machine

In order to make the FOO towel last longer, we recommend that you wash it gently with plenty of water. In fact, a vertical washing machine that can be washed with plenty of water is more suitable for towels compared to a drum -type washing machine that sells water.


⑤ Recommended washing detergent

The FOO TOKYO official online store offers Eucalan detergents made of natural ingredients that are compatible with natural fibers such as cotton. By gently washing the ingredients while working hard, the soft and plump touch of the towel can last longer.
See Eucalan's laundry detergent >>

⑤ To prevent the pile from getting stuck and missing

It is recommended that you put it in a washing net because the pile may be caught when washed with a zipper or velcro. If the pile is caught, cut the part that pops out with scissors so that the fray does not spread.


⑥ How to dry it to make a plump towel

By swinging well in the air in the air, the fiber stands out. The point is to fix the whole distortion on all sides and then dry it. The fiber will be damaged when it hits the sun, so dry it in a well -ventilated shade. * If you dry it in the sun for a long time, it may turn yellow with ultraviolet rays.


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