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Foo TOKYO's signboard item, silk pajamas. The finest touch, which is not visible to the table, and is particular about the details of the details, is a texture that will be addictive once you pass through the sleeves. Smooth and comfortable silk pajamas make home time higher.

Silk is a high -quality fiber called "second skin". The silk born from the silkworm cocoon is made of amino acids and has an ingredient close to human skin, so it is a skin -friendly material. Because of its excellent hygroscopicism and moisture release, it also has a temperature control effect, is cool in summer and warm in winter. At Foo Pajamas, high quality silk is used for 100%luxury. It is made with "raw silk" in a state where the silk original gloss is maintained without sandwash processing that gives a feeling of washing mat with fine sand.

Enjoy aging

However, while it has a smooth touch and luster, silk is a very delicate material, so care is inevitable. The most secure is dry cleaning at a cleaning shop, but I can't afford to clean it every time.

Silk is a material that can enjoy aging like leather. Our desire is to carefully care at home, enjoy the process of engraving your own wrinkles in the items, and want them to have an attachment.

How to wash silk products

Care at home does not use a washing machine,WashingIs the best. Put water or lukewarm water in a basin and add a stylish detergent or silk -only detergent. All you have to do is immerse the silk product and put it on the predetermined time for the detergent. At this time, it is okay if you push a gentle wash, but it is NG to rub it strongly. In addition, silk is a natural fiber, so dark colors may discolor when washing. Because navy is dark, we recommend washing separately from items that are worried about color transfer.

Silk is the weakest when it gets wet, and the satin makes it noticeable.Do not squeeze during dehydration, It's okay to drip water. By hanging without squeezing, you can prevent the occurrence of deep wrinkles. Silk has the property of absorbing ultraviolet rays like the skin, so if you keep applying it to sunlight, it may cause sunburn. When dryingGently hang hangingplease do.

Recommended delicate items Washing detergent

The FOO TOKYO official online store offers Eucalan detergents made of naturally derived ingredients that are compatible with the laundry of delicate natural fiber like silk.

Why don't you choose the fragrance according to your mood from five scents, such as lavender, grapefruit, and jasmine, and enjoy the washing time that slowly care for your first place.

See Eucalan's laundry detergent >>

About replacement discount for silk pajamas

Silk is a delicate fabric, so it becomes familiar with the body as it is used, but it is an item that tends to occur when the fabric becomes thinner. Foo TOKYO offers a 10%off -replacement ticket exclusively for silk pajamas in order to have a long -lasting silk pajamas used as a companion for daily sleep.We hope that you can enjoy silk items for a long time through this service.

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