We, Fooo TOKYO, will bring home goods such as the highest quality pajamas and room wear without any compromise, and color the peaceful time between "I'm now".


It's time to return to yourself, not anyone else. The time to end the day today and connect to tomorrow. Sometimes immersed in fantasy and sometimes thinks about the past and the future. I want you to cherish such time. Now that there is little time to relax, I want to give the world with the highest quality items that overflow with the pleasant sigh of "fu". We believe that we want to deliver the best relaxing time to as many people as possible to forget tension, anxiety and fatigue.

For this reason, as a JAPAN brand that tailors the best materials in the world with Japanese aesthetics and high technology, the highest quality pajamas room wear, focusing on producing as much as necessary, not in large quantities. Provide home goods. Foo TOKYO is a brand with such a commitment.



  • We continue to study original designs that do not feel stressed by the body.
  • Continue pursuing the touch and comfort. Partnered with the highest fabric factory in Japan, which handles high -quality materials. Sew carefully one by one at a factory with world -class sewing technology that supports famous Maison in Europe and the United States.
  • Considering the global environment. Make a precise calculation and purchase the material as needed when you need it.



In recent years, our “manufacturing” has been handled by famous department stores, TV dramas costumes, published in famous magazines, and high -end in various parts of the country, including the long -established ryokan “right Genta” in Kyoto, which has been shining for 5 stars in Michelin. It is highly evaluated nationwide, including a partnership with accommodation facilities.

The Isetan Shinjuku store has regular events, and Matsuya Ginza has a permanent store.



TV drama "My daughter can't have a boyfriend !!Foo TOKYO Silk Pajama and cotton pajamas are used. The beauty is noticeable by the audience, and it became a hot topic nationwide immediately after the broadcast. It is also published in various famous magazines, such as the March 2022 issue of "BAILA" and "MAQUIA" March 2022.


In March 2021, a collaboration with the cruise train "Nanatsu Star in Kyushu", which floods reservations from all over the country, was realized. Manufacturing supervised by Foo TOKYO from the viewpoint of SDGs (sustainable product production) is highly evaluated both inside and outside the industry.



In addition, we are also working with luxury accommodation facilities around the country, including the long -established ryokan in Kyoto, which has been shining for 5 stars in the Schulan 5 stars.



We believe in such a future, where everyone in the world recognizes self -self and live a better life. In order to realize such a future, we will continue to create home goods such as the highest quality pajamas and room wear without any compromise.

In addition, the staff column cuts out and transmits FOOOKYO's "now", including information on new products, introduction of the latest event information, and suggestions for items according to the time. Please take a look at this.