A pure white towel gift to celebrate the start of the two

In June, I often hear the word "June bride".

June Bride is an old legend that "the bride married in June can be happy." Many couples who join in June and have a wedding are considered to be an auspicious month from such a legend.

For a long time in Japan, there are customs to prepare "good lucky things" during celebration.

Especially in the celebration of marriage of marriage, many people may want to give a good lucky one for the longest happiness of the two.

FOOO TOKYO's "" "" ""Towel gift"is.


-Fooo TOKYO's towel gift is selected--

1. Good luck

Towels are made by connecting threads and threads, so they are said to have good luck as gifts about human relationships, and are a gift for wedding celebration.

In addition, the Foo TOKYO towel embroidered an original logo based on a bird that symbolizes "peace and happiness", so you can celebrate the two members and put the feeling of wishing for a happy life. 。

2. Fluffy touch that cannot be tasted elsewhere

The safe and secure towel made of rare organic cotton harvested by hand is handled at the finest softness that makes you want to bury your face unintentionally, and is handled by a luxury ryokan "right Genta" and major department stores in Kyoto, Kyoto. The quality is endorsed, such as having a track record.

Along with your prayer, it will bring you peace and happiness in your new life.

How about a pure white towel gift of Fooo Tokyo as a wedding celebration gift celebrating the gate and praying for long happiness?


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