Reward time to prepare your heart

Good evening everyone. I'm Ishikawa of Foo TOKYO concierge.

Two months are about to start with the new year starting earlier.

Just like the word "May disease", it is also a time when you feel tired or depressed due to changes in the environment.

In such a case, do not overdo it and make a "reward time" for yourself.

I bought a good liquor a little more than usual.

I was nervous while listening to my favorite music.

In the morning, I got up a little early and had a delicious breakfast while taking a soft sunlight.

The relaxed time you feel "comfortable" will regain your personality and enhance the sensitivity of happiness.

Why don't you sometimes relax your walking speed and look at small happiness?

Thank you for your hard work this week.

Please spend a wonderful weekend.


-Aable your reward for you


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