[Permanent] You can see Fooo TOKYO's room wear at Kyoto Takashimaya

Foo TOKYO items are available at Berna Treail on the 3rd floor of Kyoto Takashimaya, which was reopened on May 17 (Tuesday).

Bernature is a Takashimaya select shop produced by Chiaki Yoshikawa, who proposes a natural and beautiful lifestyle and is known as an organic beauty.

It is not easy to identify "really good things" to prepare your life in the modern age of many things.

The interior of the store, which has a carefully selected brand item that focuses on "comfortable living", will support you with high -quality encounters that fit each person.

To commemorate the store renewal, we will receive a premium night bath oil for the first 20 people for those who have purchased one or more Foo TOKYO items.

If you live in Kansai, when you stop by Kyoto Takashimaya, you can see and experience the touch, design, and sewing of the fabric of Foo TOKYO room wear with your eyes.



  • Store name: Kyoto Takashimaya 3F Bernachurer Kyoto store
  • Location: 52 Machi, Shimogyo -ku, Kyoto -shi, KyotoGoogle Map
  • Nearest station: Get off at Kyoto Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, directly connected underground
  • Phone number: 075-279-2911
  • Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00
  • Official site:https://www.takashimaya.co.jp/store/belle-naturelle/
  • Items handled:Silk pajamas pearl whiteSilk Pajamapink BaageSilk Pajamamint GreenFlare dress GreigeFlare dress navyFlare dress beige
    * Silk pajamas are handled only for S / M size. Please note.