Luxurious inner wear that comes true

This spring, a new innerwear appears in the classic silk collection of FOOOKYO.

The innerwear made of silk, a functional material with moisture absorption and release, has the effect of keeping the skin beautifully, is open and brings out the hidden beauty.


Gently fit the body shape of the person wearing by adjusting the shoulder straps

It is easy to choose as a gift because it is designed to fine -tune the size by yourself.


A design with a cup that is useful in a relaxed scene

The camisole has adopted a cup of design because the idea is that the time of peace is released from various tightening and it is a pleasant time.

Beautiful silhouette from everywhere

The waistline puts a little aperture with a neat impression, and the backcross shoulder strap makes the back look beautiful.


Excellent compatibility with other silk items

By combining shorts and long pants according to the season, or putting a gown from above on a chilly day, you can enjoy the finest touch of silk with the whole body.


-Sirk Innerwear Color Lineup-


Silk camisole pink beige

Silk Camisole White Pearl

Silk camisole charcoal gray


Silk shorts pink beige

Silk shorts White pearl

Silk shorts charcoal gray