[9 days left until Mother's Day] Give the finest sleep experience that the silk is fulfilled

Mother's Day approaching next Sunday.

Why don't you give your mother who has struggled day and night for your family with a "best sleep experience" with her gratitude.

FOO TOKYO's silk pajamas have been talked about by word of mouth, saying, "When you wear and sleep, the quality of sleep has improved much!"


The quality of sleep changes
Foo TOKYO Raw Silk Pajamas Secret

1. 100%of the special "raw silk" positioned in the world's highest peak "6A / 5A rank"

All Foo TOKYO silk items are all luxuriously used with special silk, the highest quality of silk around the world. The melting comfort brings the ultimate relaxation that cannot be tasted elsewhere, and invites to a deep sleep.

2.Sewing that sticks to the details that do not stress the skin

In Fooo Tokyo's silk pajamas, the cloth bridge uses a "bag sewing" that hides the edge of the cloth so that it does not feel stressed by the skin, so it is smooth anywhere and sticks to bare skin. We have realized such comfort. Each of the small ideas leads to the finest sleep experience.

3. A relaxed design that does not hinder turning over

While sleeping, people are said to be tens of times. Turn over is one of the important factors of sleep. Fooo Tokyo's silk pajamas are designed with less tightening and moderate room so that they do not hinder their movements.


High quality sleep is one of the important factors for living healthy every day.

With the desire to stay well forever, why don't you give an unprecedented sleep experience on Mother's Day this year?


Five beautiful Japanese traditional colors
Silk Pajamas color lineup


pink beige

White pearl

Mint green

Charcoal gray

Elegant navy


Not just pajamas
Foo TOKYO Mother's Day Gift Collection

 Silk has the effect of beautifully preparing bare skin. It is not only pajamas that can enjoy the beauty effect.

 Protect your hair and bare skin from friction while sleepingPillow caseorSilk capEye maskIt is also a recommended item as a gift for Mother's Day.

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