Spring / summer cotton wear finished with "pear -weaving" smoothly and comfortable

In the coming season when the heat is sweaty, you can spend the time off time comfortably and comfortably by choosing a cool and refreshing room wear.

Royal Organic Cotton Room WearWas generously used a thread made from a rare cotton that is gentle on the skin.It is a soft fabric like silk


The fabric woven by the "pear woven" manufacturing method has fine irregularities on the surface, and the dough does not stick to sweaty skin, so it is also recommended as a gift for loved ones as a perfect room wear for the coming season. It is an item.


-Refreshing pear cotton room wear-


1. Royal organic cotton poncho & wide pants
When you wear a poncho, a beautiful drape is born and a dramatic silhouette. The lining is gently designed by sewing without seams.

2. Royal organic cotton T -shirt & wide pants
The T -shirt is gently wrapped in a spacious design with a wide range of body width. It is a recommended setup as a gift because it has a sophisticated design that is easy to move and does not get tired.


3. Royal organic cotton flare dress
 A feminine one -piece room wear with elegant frills on the sleeves and hem.It is a perfect first place for travel because it is hard to wrinkle.




-A 12 days until Mother's Day, early order-


Next Sunday is Mother's Day.


Mother's Day delivery will be accepted until the following date and time.

・ Kyushu/Okinawa/Hokkaido May 4th (Wednesday) Until 08:00

・ Until the other area on May 6th (Fri) AM08: 00


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