Gift to Mother's Day "Gift that triggers conversation"

May 8th (Sun) is Mother's Day.

It is a day to thank the mother who has struggled day and night for the family without regard to himself.

When she was a child, she felt as if she had done her mother, sometimes she couldn't be obedient to her depth and hit cold.

However, she is reminiscent of her mother's greatness and the depth of her love, who has grown up and has poured free love for decades.

I want to see such a happy face. She wants to give back. The words of "thank you", which is so embarrassing that I want to convey it, but I can't say it easily. It is the one who recommends your back"Gift that triggers conversation"is.


- "Gift that triggers conversation" -

1. Matched gifts for favorite items

If you give the same thing you are using, you can share your experience even if you live separately and fill the time you can't meet. When the gift arrives, please listen to your impressions.

Foo TOKYO thinks that communication starting from there is true.


2. A proven gift

Word -of -mouth reputation, those that have been handled at famous department stores and luxury inns, and items adopted as drama costumes are also gifts for conversations.

FOO TOKYO's room wear is also used as a drama costume for the year of April 2022, and is highly evaluated not only for its comfort but also for the beauty of the design. Why don't you give your mother who has been busy for her family and give her the finest peace with her effort.

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Gifts are the trigger of communication. On this year's mother's day, why don't you send your thoughts on your mother who is always ashamed and can't be in words?

FOO TOKYO offers a service that prints the message you have from you on the original card and enclosed it with the gift. Please use all means.

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