Reborn silk collection that brings out your original beauty

From the SS Collection 2022, which was announced the other day, we have updated the classic silk series significantly, and now you can choose the first place that fits your body.


-A new color added, classic silk is in all 5 colors-

A new color "Pearl White" has appeared in the Silk Series, which is a standard item of Foo TOKYO. The elegant and beautiful glossy feeling brings out your original beauty, like a pearl clothes.
-You can now choose the size that fits each person-

Review the size of the silk pajamas and prepare four sizes, S, M, L, LL. You can now choose the first place that suits your body type.

-The 6 new silk items have appeared-

Silk, a natural functional material that nurtures beauty in high -quality ease. Among them, six new items have been added to the Fooo Tokyo silk lineup, which is made by using 100%luxuriously only high quality.


Silk dress

Silk camisole

Silk shorts

Silk eye mask

Silk cap

Interior ricksilk pillow case


FOO TOKYO's silk lineup will continue to be updated repeatedly to achieve a better wearing and use experience. If you find your first place that fits your skin, please let us know your impressions.


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