On April 12 (Tuesday), the Spring / Summer 2022 collection has started.

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-A "pearl color" has been added to the silk product, and the existing items have been updated-

The classic silk items have been improved to the design and size based on the voices of everyone, and have been reborn with the new color "Pearl White".

In addition, the lineup of silk products is newly silk dress, camisole, shorts, and pillow cases.

Please enjoy plenty of the highest quality silk charm selected by Foo TOKYO.

Silk Pajamas Pearl White


-Limited collection and theme are "Resort in a Dream" -

This season's limited collection "Water Color Silk Series" is an item aimed at fantastic resort wear.

The vivid and bold coloring with the positive light, forests, and water motifs created by the nature reflected on the waterside invites you to a dream world.

The fantastic landscape you meet on your travels is the only one in the world, the only one in the world, so that you don't have the same as two.

Water Color Silk Paya IBAMEBA


-New pajamas that no one has seen

It's pajamas, but elegant. The new pajamas that use the double button used in the jacket, which are representative of formal wear, are confident this season for both comfort and design.

Among the cotton in the world, a rare cotton that can be harvested only 0.1 %, a luxuriously used royal organic cotton is characterized by a light and comfortable comfort.

Royal Organic Cotton Double buttonpa Jama Cobalt Blue


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