Spring the five senses and feel the spring


If you get up from the bed on a sunny day and open the curtain, the warm sunlight will make you feel comfortable.

Open the window and fill your body with fresh air. You can still feel the fragrance of spring in a slightly chilly wind.

A sound that the refreshing wind blows through, the voice of the birds.

If you stretch greatly while feeling the bulge of the cherry buds and the pale green of the shoots, you will have a feeling that today will be a slightly better day than usual, and your heart will bounce.

By sharpening the five senses and feeling the changing season, the sensitivity is improved and the happiness increases.

The five senses seem to be delicate and polished by resting and relaxing the brain.


A relaxed morning on a sleepy day when the happy sensor works best.

Why don't you listen to the spring footsteps you hear gently?


My favorite, close to the best morning


Cotton pajamas


Silk Pajamas


Subin cotton long dress