Take a deep breath in the gentle aroma of tea and take a break for a moment

If you notice, you are chased by remote work, housework and childcare, and 1 day is over in no time.

It is a house that is supposed to be a place of peace, and every day that passes without time to regain your identity.

If such a day continues, the mind and body will lose their energy.


If you like it, take a break.

How about brewing your favorite fragrant tea and consciously making time to work hard yourself?


The aroma of tea, which is soft when brewed, balances the autonomic nerves of the brain and switches the mind and body to a relaxed state.

Lavender and chamomile herbal teas can also be used for aromatherapy, so we recommend it because you can expect a high relaxing effect.

During the day, when you are struck by drowsiness, you may choose caffeinated tea or coffee, but it is not tea.

Please choose your favorite one according to your preference.


By taking a break well, you will also increase your concentration on work, and your satisfaction will rise for 1 day.

How about taking a deep breath with the gentle aroma of tea and making a moment to breathe ”Fuu" every day?