Get a fluffy towel and have the best dream

It is an important item that affects the quality of sleep, but there are surprisingly few people who are particular about the cover.

Today, I will introduce how to make a pillowcase that invites the best sleep that FOOO TOKYO staff is practicing at home.

The pillowcase is recommended to wash at least once or twice a week. It seems that if you keep using a dirty pillowcase, it can cause rough skin. Even if you always want to use a clean and comfortable pillowcase, you may have a hard time replacing your cover every day in families with small children.

What I would recommend for those who have such troubles is to replace the bath towel as a pillowcase.

The method is easy. Only pillows and favorite bath towels are prepared. Put a pillow in the center of the vertical bath towel and wrap both ends of the towel around the pillow.

It is easy to remove, and it is easy to dry after washing, making it easier to clean.

How to choose a bath towel suitable for the pillowcase

  • Soft and touching that makes you want to touch
  • A gentle color that calms your feelings
  • Waffle weaving, etc. that do not have bumps

Please choose a bath towel with the above three points in mind. If you use a really comfortable bath towel to a pillowcase, you will enjoy a good night.

If you haven't come across such a highest one yet, please try FOO TOKYO's organic cotton bath towel.

The fluffy feeling of a towel that you can't taste elsewhere is as if you are burying your face in the clouds, and invites you to the best dream.


-The high-quality three-color fluffy bath towel that you want to accompany you when you are good night-


Organic cotton bath towel