Living gifts to update his life

This winter, when the time spent at home has increased dramatically than usual. It is difficult to deepen your bond with your partner, such as when you want to meet, so you want to give it more than usual. Foo TOKYO concierge has carefully selected high -quality gift items that blend into your life that you can feel on your side even if you can't meet frequently.

1. Organic cotton towel gift

Towel gifts are recommended as a partner to spend a day at home comfortably. Once used, a soft and fluffy towel that can no longer be returned to other towels is a perfect item for a special day, even though it is a daily necessity. Because it is excellent in water absorption, he may be pleased with him who goes to the gym or exercises.

2. Original blanket

The elegant blanket, which is familiar to the smooth touch that makes you want to touch all the time, and the elegant design, is a piece that updates his relaxing time. It can be used lightly not only in the cold season, but also in summer. It has a special bag for carrying, so it is recommended for him, a hobby of driving and outdoors.

3. Knit room socks

If you are looking for an item to give with a plus alpha to chocolate, how about a knit socks as a petit gift? Room socks with a solid texture warm up from your toes and protect them from spicy cold.

Even in a limited range of activities, living with things that can feel small happiness every day will give you a sense of fulfillment. If it is a gift from you who is important, it is more. Why don't you give a gift of a high -quality living with your thoughts for Valentine this year?