For your hard worker moms, a time of healing

When you celebrate the birth of a new small life and choose a gift for a birth celebration for your precious family and friends, what items do you choose?

Many moms who worked hard to give birth to a baby are struggling to raise their children after a break. I want to give a healing moment to my hard worker mom. Today I would like to introduce a gift item that is perfect for conveying your thoughts.



1. Healing bath oil that you can enjoy with your baby

Busy moms tend to postpone their skin care. Bath oil, which can protect the skin of such moms from drying just by dropping it in a numerical bath, is also a popular item for childbirth celebration. The citrus refreshing scent gently heals the tired heart. It is also a popular secret that you can enjoy it with your baby because it is made of skin -friendly ingredients without using synthetic coloring or fragrance.

2. The finest fluffy towel that makes you want to bury your face unintentionally

Foo TOKYO's towel items that use the finest organic cotton are recommended for babies because they can use it with confidence. Bath towels can also be used as walnuts and towel blankets. With a fluffy towel that makes you want to bury your face unintentionally, a moment of peace for both moms and babies.



A memorable gift is something that conveys your thoughts and deepens your bond with the person you give. To celebrate childbirth, why not give a gift item that you can enjoy with your baby and heal your hard workers.


--- Childbirth celebration Recommended gift

Gift set with 2 organic cotton bath towels

2 hand towels & premium bath oil 1 gift set

Face towel & premium bath oil 1 piece gift set