How to wash towels that make the fluffy touch last longer

Because towels are used every day, it is one of the items that I want to keep with me with my commitment and attachment. By knowing a little tips, you can enjoy the texture of your favorite item for a long time. Today I would like to introduce tips for care that will last longer for the towel.

1. Wash the new towels well before use

By removing the dust and fluff on the just bought towels, you can bring out the original function of the towel.

2. Put in a large net when washing towels

By putting it on the net, the pile and sewing parts can prevent other laundry and caught, and the towels can last longer.

3. Wash so that you can swim with plenty of water

The most important thing in washing towels is to wash with enough water. After putting the towel in the net in the washing machine, put the detergent and wash it. At this time, we recommend that you do not use softener basically. Softener causes water absorption, causing fiber to slip and pile falls off.

4. After dehydration, remove it immediately and put air into the towel while shaking it with a plump.

Towels, whose piles are crushed by the centrifugal force of dehydration, can take in air by shaking and launch the pile, regain the fluffy feeling.

5. Dry in a well -ventilated shade

As for the place to dry, we recommend a well -ventilated shade that does not hit direct sunlight as much as possible. Sun -dried can cause ultraviolet light to damage the fabric and harden the towel.

If you hold down a little trick, you can enjoy the happiness of wrapping your skin with a freshly grated towel. Please try it.

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