How to wash silk items that last long

Silk, which is a beautiful and delicate material, can enjoy the texture for a longer time, enjoying aging like leather products. Today we will introduce recommended washing methods and points that make silk items last longer.

-Somitable prepared-

・ Large container such as wash tab

・ Liquid detergent for delicate items

・ Laundry net

·bath towel

・ Flat -dried net

-The 3 points of care-

The important thing when care for silk items is

"Do not rub, do not squeeze, do not pull"is.

Please try the care methods to be introduced later while being aware of these three points.

-Whening method-

1. Put water below 30 ° C in a wash tab, add liquid detergent and mix in advance.

2. Turn it over to avoid pills and discoloration on the surface.

3. Put the pajamas quietly in the wash tab and press and wash. At this time,Don't rubIs the point.

4. Remove the water to hold the rice ball. At this time,Be unable to squeezeIs the point.

5. Lightly fold the pajamas and put them in the laundry net. Use a small net or fix the pajamas and the net with a hair elastic to prevent pajamas moving and rubbing in the net.

6. Put it in a washing machine and dehydrate for 1 minute. It has the effect of removing dirt.

7. Rinse the pajamas from the net and rinse the clean water that has been pasted on the wash tab.

8. Remove the water again to hold the rice ball again.

9. Put the pajamas again in the net and fix it, then put it in the washing machine and dehydrate for 1 minute.

10. Wrap it in a large towel and remove water while holding it lightly.

11. The clothes remain enough in the clothing, and the shape is made in a state where the water drips a little, and placed on the flat -dried net. By doing this, the weight of the water grows wrinkles, and after it dries, it becomes firm.

If you are busy and have no time to wash your hands, you can use the fashionable dressing mode of the washing machine at home. When using a washing machine, put it in a laundry net to prevent it from rubbing as much as possible. Also, be careful as dehydration may remain wrinkles and may cause the fabric pain.

The more you put your hand, the more you will love. How to deal with such things brings us happy. I hope Foo TOKYO silk items will be such a special place for you.

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