"Best off" leads to "best tomorrow"

Happy new year. The three days of the New Year are over, and the daily life of 2022 has started in earnest. Did you spend your time slowly during the year -end and New Year holidays?

Foo TOKYO will start this year's business today. Orders received during the holidays will be shipped sequentially from tomorrow. Everyone who ordered, please look forward to it for a while until delivery.


What kind of year do you want in 2022?

The ideal year I envisioned at the beginning of the year tends to forget when I am chased by everyday life. In such a case, stop and imagine your dreams. The reason you do your best, the dream you want to fulfill, and the time you can remember it are the best off time.

"The best off" is your relaxing time that is not disturbed by anyone. Such time will surely make you shine tomorrow.


Foo TOKYO will also provide you with a pleasant highest quality room wear that helps your "best off" time this year. We are planning to release a new work this spring, so please look forward to it.


Thank you for Foo TOKYO this year as well.