Welcome a new year comfortably

It was 10 days early in 2021.

At this time, many people may start cleaning their rooms in order to welcome the New Year comfortably.

By changing the daily necessities such as towels that are old and used a lot, you can comfortably welcome the New Year.

Fooo Tokyo's organic cotton towel wraps the skin gently with a light and fluffy touch as if it is wrapped in clouds.

Our cotton towel, which is very popular with gifts, is also recommended as a New Year's New Year's gifts. It is also possible to attach a dedicated bonito, so please consider it.

How about the finest towel to the beginning of a comfortable home time of the new year?

If you are looking for a Christmas gift, please come to the 5th floor of Shinjuku Isetan until December 25 (Sat). We also accept gift wrapping.