Tokyo / Ginza | [Permanent] Foo TOKYO Matsuya Ginza

Foo TOKYO's first permanent store will open at Matsuya Ginza 6th floor sleeping equipment "& Sleep".

Until now, you can only buy online sales and for a limited time pop -up store, but if you come to Matsuya Ginza, you will always be able to see the real thing. Please come by all means. 

  • Store name: Foo TOKYO Matsuya Ginza store
  • Location: 3-6-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, TokyoGoogle Map
  • Nearest station: 3 minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station
  • Phone number: 03-3567-1211
  • Business hours: 10: 00-20: 00 ( * Sundays or on the last day of consecutive holidays until 7:30 pm
  • Official site:
  • Items handled:Silk PajamasRoom wearOrganic cotton towel

    Please feel free to contact LINE for items you want to see at the store.

    Even if it is an item that is not handled by the store, we will prepare at Matsuya Ginza store if you can make a reservation for products that you are interested in in response to the request of seeing the real thing and purchasing it after seeing the real thing. Please feel free to contact us from the following.