Notice regarding delays in some areas due to the influence of Typhoon No. 10

Thank you for always using Foo TOKYO ONLINE STORE.

Due to the heavy rains of Typhoon No. 10 reported, the delivery and delivery of Yamato Transport has been affected.

Collection / delivery period and area to stop reception and region

September 5th (Sat) 16: 00- September 7 (Monday) All day: Miyazaki prefecture / Kagoshima prefecture

September 6 (Sun) 13: 00 -September 7 (Monday) All day: Saga, Oita, Kumamoto prefectures

September 6 (Sun) 16: 00- September 7 (Monday) All day: Fukuoka and Nagasaki prefectures

* Regarding the luggage for the above areas, it cannot be specified as the specified date and time zone during the suspension period. In addition, please note that we will stop receiving the delivery service during the same period and the designated date and time zone.

We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


To everyone who can't go anywhere due to the typhoon and spend time in the house

Foo TOKYO is producing and distributing a pop song collection "RELUX POP" where you can hear your slow tempo at the music streaming service "Spotify" for those who want to have a comfortable home time.

We have selected a total of 60 songs that do not disturb anything, such as reading, work, housework, etc., for about 4 hours, so please listen to them below.

Spotify PlayList