[New release] The flower in a dream drawn by Foo TOKYO × Motonari Ono. Half -length flower pattern cotton payama appears!

As the importance of home time increases day by day, I want to add "flower" to the space even a little. The first floral pattern of Foo TOKYO born from such thoughts appears as short sleeve pajamas. Born in a collaboration with Makoto Onohara, a fashion designer who was also active in the Tokyo Collection."Half length floral pattern cotton pajamas"Starts on August 7 (Fri) at the official online store.

Floral cotton pajamas that can live "flower" in the space

"Hana" that gives your heart color just by getting into your eyes. Just being in the same space as you will make your feelings calm, and you will get energy from its vitality.

If FOOOKYO, which designs home time, proposes "flowers", what is the form? When I thought, a half -length floral pajamas were born with the idea of ​​"giving a flower in the space." The flower blooms is the "dream" between reality and unreality. Although it is a pajamas, it is an item that can be used as one -mile wear.

Half length floral pattern cotton pajamas (right) unnecessary flower beige pink m size (left) lilin navy L size

Feelings in the collaboration floral pattern

The first floral item for Foo TOKYO was completed in collaboration with Makoto Onohara, a designer of the fashion brand "Motonari Ono", which was also active in the Tokyo Collections. Foo TOKYO has designed the concept and design of modeling, and Ono is in charge of textile design.

Features ① Respect for "diversity" and does not look forward to the front

If you imagine what is called a "floral pattern", the flower itself is often facing the front, but in this floral pattern, you dare to draw "backward flowers". I put a message saying "good.
It also expresses the "modern diversity" that is beautiful, not imitating the direction of others, but also choosing the destination.

Features ② Unrealism expressed in "dreams"

In this collaboration, two floral patterns, "Suzuran" and "Unnamed Hana", were drawn.

Unknown flower

I drew a pretty and bold "named flower" instead of a specific flower that exists in reality. In modern times, there are many self -expression methods through SNS and the Internet, and "becoming famous" is one status. But no one needs to be famous.
Even if it is just "in a dream", it is precious to bloom, even if it is not straight. Instead of searching for the name and getting tired,Freely blooming with "unnamed flowers"I found beauty in.

Linse run

The flower language of lily of the lily"Return of Happiness Revisel to Happiness"。 If you are released from anxiety someday and return to the same world as before, you will surely be happy. Such thoughts are overlaid on the flower language of Suzuran. He draws a shadow with white or thin green, and expresses his attitude that is still unrealistic but wishes happiness in a dream.

Up -cycle hair accessories

Also, this time, as the first attempt for Fooo Tokyo, I created a ribbonsh and hair band with a "up -cycle" method. The up -cycle is one of the sustainable initiatives that makes use of the materials of "unused" materials born in the production process and other products. Recycling products have environmental impact such as incineration to return products to raw materials, but up -cycle can use resources effectively without applying such loads.

Usually, clothes are completed by cutting out multiple parts from one piece of cloth and sewing them. In order to cut the curved parts from the rectangular cloth, the extra fabric called "remaining cloth" is slightly born from the gap. Ribbonshsh, hair band is an item that realizes sustainable manufacturing because it uses the remaining cloth that comes out when the pajamas of the same pattern are produced.

Please enjoy the total coordination together with pajamas.

Product Summary

Tops ¥ 27,000
Bottoms ¥ 19,000
Shushu ¥ 3,000
Hair band ¥ 3,500

Material: 100% cotton

Production area: Japan

Color development (pajamas): Suzuran Navy, Suzuran White, Annitius Turquoise Blue, Animal Flower Beige Pink
Color development (Shushu): Suzuran Navy, Suzuran White
Color development (hair band): Unlimal flower turquoise blue, unnecessary beige pink

Size deployment: S, M, L (Suzuran White is S, M only) (Development in unisex)
Shushu, hair band is free size

[S] Length 62.5 / Shoulder width 45 / Bust 98.3 / Sleeve length 20.0 / Hem around 106.5
[M] Length 66.5 / Shoulder width 48.5 / Bust 105.3 / Sleeve length 22.5 / Hem circumference 113.5
[L] Length 70.5 / shoulder width 52 / bust 112.3 / Sleeve length 24.0 / Hem around 120.5

[S] Waist 68 / Hip 100.5 / Total length 51.0 / Inseam 18.5 / Width 67.5
[M] Waist 75 / Hip 107.5 / Total length 54.5 / Inseam 20.5 / Width 71.5
[L] Waist 82 / Hip 114.5 / Total length 58.0 / Inseam 22.5 / Width 75.5