Included Items

About the enclosed item at the time of delivery

-To use the product carefully

Foo TOKYO gives a card that describes how to clean the product for the gifts and the other party, and a pamphlet depicting a brand story.

1. Product card (5 types in total)

Depending on the items you order, a handling card that describes how to clean the product and how to use it is included.

It is described in an easy -to -understand manner so that you can use items that are close to the mind and body of the mind and body from "now" to "coming" for a long time.

Card introduction


It describes how to clean organic cotton towels. It is a care method that can be used in a fluffy state when you buy it forever. It lists points that can be said in common with other cotton towels.


It describes how to clean silk pajamas. Silk fits into the body every time you wear it, and it changes over time like leather. If you care carefully, you can finish it in your own first place.


It describes how to clean the bathrobe gown.
Actually, it is recommended to put it out for cleaning, but you can also care at home.


It describes how to clean cotton products.
The Fooo Tokyo item uses a fluffy soft organic cotton, but it can be cleaned at home.


It describes how to enjoy the bath oil.
Enjoy an elegant bath time with a relaxed floral scent and an oil -like texture that moisturizes the skin.

2. Pamphlet

The pamphlet contains how to spend time from "right now" to "come" and Fooo Tokyo items that are close to it.

Please enjoy the world view of the brand theme, "Luxury that does nothing".

3. Fragrance card

If the time from "right now" to "I'm coming" is filled with a scent, will it be easy?

While thinking about such a thing, the fragrance appropriate for the breathing time is produced with Foo TOKYO original. It is soaked in the fragrance card. Please use it for bookmarks of books.

Message card (optional)

As an option (200 yen) when purchasing a product, you can attach a message card with a message.

Why don't you give your thoughts in addition to the product?