About the impact on delivery due to poor weather

Thank you for always using the Foo TOKYO online store.

Due to poor weather, the delivery of luggage has been delayed in the following areas. (2022/1/11 as of 10:00)

We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers, but thank you for your understanding.

Prefectures Regional details cause remarks
Niigata prefecture Sado City Sailing service Delivery luggage has been delayed due to reduced flights due to the dock of Sado Kisen.
Shiga Prefecture Hikone City heavy snow Due to heavy snow, there is a delay in the delivered luggage.
Kumamoto Prefecture Ashikita -cho, Ashikita -gun (Uehara, Uchiwa, Daizan Road, Kuraki, Shiraki, Shiraki, Tachikawa, Fushiki, Fushiki, Matsuo, Yokai, Yoshio) Kuma -gun (Kamise) heavy rain In July 2nd year, due to heavy rains in July 2nd, recovery work is still being carried out, and delays have occurred due to the restrictions of entry and time zone.
Kagoshima prefecture All areas of Oshima -gun, Yakushima -cho, Kumage -gun, Mishima Village, Kagoshima -gun, Kumage -gun (Chuko -cho, Minamitsu -cho), Nishinotsu City, Amami City Influence of boat flight operation Depending on the operation of the ferry in bad weather, the delivery of the luggage will be delayed in the area above. Luggage to be kept will be accepted by delay approval.
Okinawa Prefecture Whole area Aviation installation limit Due to the effects of planning and reduced flights of each airline due to the influence of the new colon virus, delays are expected to be delayed in the whole area of ​​Okinawa (including remote islands around Okinawa). Luggage to be kept will be accepted after delay approval.