We supervised and produced room blankets for the cruise train "Nanatsu Star in Kyushu".

"Nanatsu Star in Kyushu", which travels seven main tourist assets in Kyushu and Kyushu (nature, food, hot springs, historical culture, power spots, humanity, trains), travels with a 7 -car train. As the name suggests, it is a sleeper train that provides an adult experience that sticks to "7", and has been running for eight years since the operation started.

It was around the spring of last year that Nanatsu Star in Kyushu produced a blanket for guest rooms.

During the trip, the guests look at the scenery from the guest rooms and spend their time, feeling the luxurious and modern interior and art of Kyushu craftsmen studded in the rooms.

The movement itself is a sleeper train with a large experience value, and in order for guests to experience the ease of time, we devised it from the blanket concept and produced a full order item. The material of the original blanket is 100%cotton and different processing on both sides of the fabric has been used to pursue a comfortable comfort all year round.



The blanket is based on the "kuniko" that has been decorated with indoor decorations, and has adopted a design that expresses "Kyushu's great nature" and "sea and mountains".

Nanatsu star in Kyushu's brand color "ancient lacquer" has been dyed. The surface is based on the design of a kumiko, which is reminiscent of a summer mountain, and the shirring is created to create an undulation on the fabric.

By applying uneven processing with little contact surface between the dough and skin, it can be used comfortably even in the hot summer season. The back side has a special brushed processing "Saza" that feels warm even in the cold winter season.


Surface -"Summer mountain"

Kumiko's design. With a lighter ground surface, it is comfortable in summer.


Back -"Winter Sea"

The fabric processing method "Saza wave" is adopted. Brushed and warm texture even in winter.


About Nanatsu Star in Kyushu

A gorgeous sleeper train running on the rails connecting the seven Kyushu prefectures. Using the concept of a trip to meet new life, the charm of Kyushu's rich nature, food, culture, and history is the goal of new life through interacting with local and customers. Provide the excitement of meeting.

Under the concept of "nostalgic and new", the 7 -car vehicle is treated with various trees and fabrics, and in a space that combines Japanese, Western, new, and old, a sofa that can be relaxed while listening to bar counter and piano live performances. You can distribute it and enjoy the cruise train comfortably.


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